Tula Jit, a.k.a. TJ, was created on November 13th, 2009. He is the 137th citizen created and one of the first ten citizens of Tokyo and founder of the company, TJ Industries.

November 2009 - Beta Begins Edit

Tula Jit creates character and starts his own company, TJ Industries.

Watching his new home grow in population, he decides to take an active political involvement and joins the Freemasons party. Albeit that they are based out of London, he uses their knowledge base and guidance for his interests in helping Japan's capital city. TJ begins actively campaigning for Tokyo's Mayoral seat using anti-crime and economic growth as his platform.

Tula Jit and Lilith become the first police officers of Tokyo. Both were appointed into this position by admin to allow the city to have a means to fight crime until the first mayor was elected. They are selected due to the fact that they had the highest number of votes in the upcoming mayor elections. Ironically, Lilith is Tokyo's leading criminal citizen and is TJ's first arrest.
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Tula Jit