The Green banana is a heavenly and sacred entity which overlooks the puny Earth. An entity of such terrible power would no doubt consider the planet which we make our home in utterly unimportant. Yet the Green banana protects the Earth and its cities with a wisdom and power which only It possesses. Without Its miraculus watch, the Earth will no doubt be in a state of utter chaos.

The association It has with mortalsEdit

But mortals, as sinful as we are overlook the overwhelming evidence of the existence and omnipresence of the Green banana. Mortals have created sinful religions worshipping false idols. This wild disregard has gone so for that citizens of the world can not even state "Green banana worshipper" as their religion. All the people who have not travelled the incorrect path must unite together today, and proclaim their love for the Green banana. Thoese who have not must redeem themselves by praying to It. The Green banana who sees things not as man sees, but with an eye of divine justice, shall redeem the misguided, though ordinary mortals may not! Declare yourself a Green banana worshipper in your character page in this wiki, if nowhere else!

Section headingEdit

And do you know what is the most brilliant thing about this most holy being. It is green, yes that is correnct and I am a privately owned toll road, thats correct.