Welcome to Sydney!

This topic serves as a guide to those looking for more information on our fair city. If you have any questions that are not answered in this handbook, be sure to ask and myself or another citizen will promptly answer. If you have questions on the game itself, please refer to this forum.

List of Major Sydney Based Factions

Sydney Factions FAQ

  • What is the purpose of these factions? They are here to serve you, the citizens of Sydney. Factions are groups of posters that band together to form a mini self-governing society. Joining a faction ensures protection and support for your citizen.
  • Which faction is the best? All of them have their pros and cons. It is encouraged that you first do a bit of research on them before you join one, to ensure you join the faction that is best for you.
  • How do I get my faction on that list? Only the major Sydney factions appear on that list. It would be too much work to update it every time a new faction popped up. If you feel that your faction is considered a major force in Sydney, post and your faction will be evaluated. There are no defnitive guidelines as to what is considered "major" and what isn't. Please take that into consideration when applying.
  • How do I join a faction? When you have decided which faction you wish to join, simply post in their topic asking to be added to the roster. They will give you further instructions.

Prominent Sydney CitizensEdit

General InformationEdit

  • How do the cities work? Everything your citizen will do takes place within whatever city you choose. You spend your time traveling around the city upgrading traits and buying items to benefit your citizen.
  • So are we able to travel around in our city? Yes. There are various spots in the city that you can visit to raise certain stats for your citizen. An example would be a gym, which could raise strength.
  • How do I move around? By clicking and dragging your citizen marker on the map screen.
  • Where can I find maps of Sydney? You will most likely need to join a faction for those.
  • Will I be able to go to other cities? Yes, but you must first buy a plane ticket, which is located at your cities local airport.
  • How do I vote for my Mayor or President? You must find a polling booth within your city and do so there.