Because store funds go directly to your pocket money, and it is possible to own up to 3 stores, it can be difficult to keep track of income from stores that you own. Methods to do this are referred to as player store tracking.

Here is a current spreadsheet tool for tracking your player store:

Store Tracker Guide
    Copy the spreadsheet - rename file as you like (for example, Internet Cafe - BBB Store Tracker 9000)
   Fill out store info on the "Info" screen
   Copy and paste the bbCode to your favorite forum =D

   Go to Records sheet
   Fill out the information, one entry at a time, or from old records if you have them. Remove the sample entry.
   Date: Date & time using 24hr clock
   Count: Current count from "Manage My Stores"
   Price: The total cost from "Confirm Edit", for example $89.10
   "This store edit will result in a location bonus of 1.00 at a total cost of $89.10."
   Commission: The current Location Commission from City Statistics
   You are done! Click "Charts" to see a chart of your income (gross and net) compared with store taxes. Remember this does not include the starting cost, your net income must be over $5000 to have an overall profit.
   The tracker only counts income that is listed in the Records section, and will become more accurate the more records are kept.
   Public example: