Country Solaris
Population 102 Citizens
Mayor TheStig
Tax Rate 0%
Sales Tax 0%
Bounty Reward $10
Jail Time 12hrs
Jail Fee $10
Mayor Salary $0
Manager Salary $0
Police Salary $0

Rome is the fifth largest city in Cybercitizens, currently run by TheStig of Albion.

Mayor HistoryEdit

Mayor Party Votes Month Year
Alicia Brotherhood of Steel 4 December 2009
Alicia Brotherhood of Steel 5 January 2010
QQQ14 La Cosa Nostra 8 February 2010
Mr Jones McDo The Democratic Party 9 March 2010
Shadix Imperium 6 April 2010
Reagan Imperium 7 May 2010
Shadix Imperium 8 June 2010
TheStig Absolution 3 July 2010
TheStig Albion 11 August 2010
TheStig Albion 9 September 2010

History Edit

Legalisation of attacks on Drake Anderson Edit

In the early days of July, Drake Anderson mass-messaged the entirety of Rome with his election campaign. The message contained slander towards then-mayor TheStig, who was his only significant rival in the election. One notable statement within the message was a claim that the incumbent mayor had 'refused' to fulfil any of his election promises, despite him having done all that he could to follow through with them. The mayor interpreted this as defamation of character, and on July the 5th TheStig posted an ultimatum in the Rome city forums, stating that any attacks on Drake Anderson were hence forth legal in the city.

Public reaction was mixed, however exactly a month later Drake's protection was restored by the mayor, after he had been attacked over 45 times. The majority of the fights were executed by Squinj.

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