All seeing eye
Citizen name Alan Diablos
Famous For Suggesting almost everything. Including the Economics Reform.
Joined Cyber Citizens July 20, 2006 (The Beginning)
Nick Names DJ Diablos / The Eye / Father of the Cyber Citizens Economy

Pompous jumbed on the bandewagon of Cyber Citizens ealry on right after reading the first issue of "Behind Cyber Nations." He has made many suggestions for cyber citizens, most noteably the Cyber Citizens Reform topic, which reforms the entire economics and system of Cyber Citizens.

The one fact Pompous has not decided on is what alliance to join. He will most likely remain neutral, and just do business with alliances for his own gain. Pompous is considered "ruthless" when it comes to bargaining, but keeps it realistic with making offers. For sponsoring him, an organization/individual will recieve 50% of the profits made with the next store the money is put towards.

Work In Progress

This is Pompous's autobiography. Don't edit it unless you are adding something nice that makes sense.