News of the World
NOTW 1 1
Newspaper published in Rome
Released Bi-weekly
Editor TheStig
Producer Albion Publications
Status Active

News of the World is the first and only global newspaper, first published in February 2010. After two issues the project became inactive yet was revived in the July of the same year, coinciding with the revival of the Albion party. It continues to be published bi-weekly in Rome by Albion Publications, with contributions from around the globe. It was preceded by the LondonCalling newspaper, which ceased production in early 2010.


Issue Headline Publish date Forum link Pages
1 Declining World Population 21 February 2010 Forum link 5
2 Global Election Results 1 March 2010 Forum link 8
3 Election: Term Number Nine 29 July 2010 Forum link 5
4 The Rise of the New Superpowers? 14 August 2010 Forum link 4
5 Population Stimulated 1 September 2010 Forum link 4
6 - 12 September 2010 (projected) - -