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Keochti is (amongst many other things) a player and a two time New York City Mayor in CyberCitizens.
He is also currently ranked #1, and was the second person in New York City to own a store. He currently resides in New York and is running for Mayor and President.


In 2002, Keochti created the Clan known as Pheonyx Rising with his Diablo friends Oxnard and Lothar. He has served as it's Leader ever since.
Last year he discovered CyberNations, and then patiantly awaited the release of Cybercitizens. He joined the first day he could and hasn't looked back since.
Originally signed on with SWAT until he left based on a difference of opinion that has never been publically stated.
Joined the Freemason's after recieving backing from Sir Fobia. Is still a member of them.
Moved from New York to London to give other people a chance at becoming Mayor of New York. Why he has done this remains a mystery as he continues to be a favorite in polls.

Current Edit

Pheonyx Rising and Keochti have both grown together. With PR spanning games such as Guildwars, Diablo, and Halo 2.
Keochti is currently involved in CyberCitizens, Cybernations, Guildwars, Dark Throne and Eternal Duel.
Currently the mayor of New york in CC. Since winning the position from ex-mayor Jordan, this is Keochti's second term as Mayor of New York. He has given out over $10k in lottery prizes and aid to those in need.
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