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When writing articles for CyberCitizens, here are a few things to do.

One- Make your article look like an encyclopedia article! If it is a faction, don't just have a charter and mimic your sign-up thread. If it is a newspaper, don't just advertise or post the articles.

Two-Make sure you remember the title exactly. When you want to put a link to it on the main page, click edit, go to the correct category, and put your article title in between these marks -

Three- Vandalism of other articles is NOT allowed. We will try to coordinate and block anyone destroying articles. Vandals may be blocked from CC Forums and the game. Useful editing is ok. If your page is vandalized, contact User:MacGyver, User:Morant, or user:Marion Oaks


Five- Have fun, and make this your best work.

Six-Editing the News section should be done sparingly. It is a place for upcoming projects or announcments. Anyone can edit.