Etenallucidity (Sarah Walshe) is a young adult female at 18 years old of very tall stature at 5'11" tall (1.80 Meters) and very slender build at 114.9 Lbs (52.12 Kilos)


She currently resides in Tokyo. She is of Japanese ethnicity and is a follower of Taoism. She is rated in the game at 39.75 and is ranked #145 of 1,765 total citizens. She describes herself by saying, Born and raised in Tokyo, worked for TJ industries, a police officer for three mayor terms, founder of The Socialist Party Of Patriots, more to come her way, founder of Tokyo Product Specialists


Citizen Rank: Ranked #145 of 1,765 total citizens.
Current City: Tokyo, Eurasian Union (+15% Productivity)
Training Record: 30-94 (24% Win Percentage) [1]
Criminal Arrests: 1 Arrests [2]
Current Productivity: 38.19% Productivity
Work Attendance: 78% Attendance Rate
Trade Offers: 1 Trades Sent/Received [3]
Tokyo Residence: Large Mansion
Job Information
Company Name: TokyoProductSpecialists(SPOP)
Company Title Chief Executive Officer
Company Salary: $10.00
Production Category: Weapon
Production Item: Brass Knuckles