Cyber Citizens is a citizen simulation game build around Google maps. Create a citizen and specify characteristics such as a first and last name, height, weight, age, sex, and starting city. Once your citizen is created give him a job based on his or her ratings in the areas of happiness, health, intelligence, nourishment, and strength. Navigate around real world city maps to find locations within your citizens travel capacity that will help you improve these ratings. Purchase individual items to carry with your citizen to further increase your ratings to open up new jobs and opportunities to make more money. Meet up with friends and send messages and money or find foes to attack and steal their money and reduce their ratings but beware of getting caught and landing your citizen in jail. Watch as your citizen dynamically ages over time and gains and loses weight based on their nourishment levels. Cyber Citizens is being developed by the creator of the growing nation simulation game Cyber Nations. The Game is out of Alpha and now into beta stage.

Like Cyber Nations, Cyber Citizens is based off a game that [Admin] made up as a kid. The idea behind the game back then was about creating a character and moving him/her around a city map finding locations to perform actions such as buying gear and interacting with other characters. Unfortunatly games like this aren't much fun with only two people playing them and the game got stuffed into a folder and put aside. Recently [Admin] stumbled across this old folder and realized that with the growing success of Cyber Nations that another Internet game based off the character driven game that [Admin] created as a kid might make for yet another interesting Internet text based game.

Cyber Nations and Cyber Citizens will be two completely separate games. [Admin] plan to maintain both games using the existing donation/reward system in place today in Cyber Nations in order to pay for server costs. Therefore Cyber Citizens, like Cyber Nations, will be free to play.