Knowing how to move around in Cyber Citizens is essential to playing the game. To move you go to "my citizen" in the bar at the top of the page and click on "map". You will see a map similar to google map. Inside the map you will see a stick figure icon. that is your location in the map. To move, drag that icon to a destination and click "move my citizen".


To work drag the stick figure icon to a "$" icon with green background and click "move my citizen". Now you can click on the icon and click link "Industrial Park" or go back to your citizen and click the link beside "Nearby Locations".


To eat food drag the stick figure icon to an "apple" icon with red background and click "move my citizen". Then click the link to "Food Market" and buy food.

Making your character starve will keep reduce his/her weight. A malnourished character has a 10% penalty to production rating.


Energy decreases when you move or work out. Low energy limits your travel radius. Energy recovers slowly over time, slightly faster if in range of a house.


Strength is used in fights. It can be gained with consumable items such as protein shakes, permanent items such as weights, and by working out at the gym.


Happiness increases productivity. It can be gained with consumable and permanent items.


Health is used for fights and to increase productivity.

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